About Us

At MVB, we are on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry with our high-quality vegan bags. We specialize in two distinct lines of products: Urban and Travel. Our bags are meticulously handcrafted using Portuguese cork, bringing together style, sustainability, and functionality.

In the Urban collection, we offer a range of bags designed for both men and women. From sleek laptop backpacks to versatile reversible wallets, our Urban line combines fashion-forward designs with the durability and uniqueness of cork. Each piece is carefully created to meet the needs of modern individuals who value both style and ethical choices.

Our Travel collection is perfect for adventurers seeking eco-conscious solutions. Our cork duffle bags, travel backpacks, and toiletry pouches are meticulously designed to provide ample storage while reducing your carbon footprint. With our Travel collection, you can journey with confidence, knowing that you're making a sustainable choice without compromising on quality or style.

What sets MVB apart is our commitment to sustainability. Cork, as a natural and renewable material, offers numerous environmental benefits. It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, allowing them to regenerate and absorb more carbon dioxide. By choosing our cork bags, you actively contribute to the preservation of these valuable forests and support a circular economy.

We take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each bag is carefully handmade in Porto, Portugal, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design. The result is a collection of bags that are not only beautiful but also durable and functional, capable of withstanding the demands of everyday life and travel.
Join us in our journey to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. At MVB, we believe that fashion and ethics can go hand in hand. Explore our collection of vegan cork bags and experience the beauty of sustainable fashion.